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Youth Sports and Conditioning

The explosion of youth sports in this country has led to the development of many youth sport conditioning programs and camps.

Many of these programs emphasize sport specific movements and "workouts that the pros use".

At Active Body Studio, we believe young athletes first need to build an solid athletic base before moving on to more complex drills. A strong base of support builds a solid foundation upon which athletes are better prepared to handle the increased physical demands travel sports are placing on them. It's much easier to to learn proper movement patterns in our youth than to break down faulty patterns and "reprogram" them later on.

Core training for a strong foundation Core training for a strong foundation

At Active Body Studio, Chris will evaluate each athlete individually. The athlete's posture, structural balance, and movement patterns are assessed before beginning any conditioning program. Based on this assessment, appropriate exercises for each individual athlete are prescribed. There are no "cookie cutter" programs. Each athlete is given a workout to match their present abilities and to help them move forward towards their goals. Their workouts are progressed in level of difficulty as they demonstrate proficiencies for different movements.

Having a strong and solid fitness foundation not only allows the athlete to progress to higher levels with less chance of injury, but it also can help lead to a long sporting career in the future.

At Active Body Studio, each athlete is continually re-evaluated and their program adjusted as they progress, so that he/she can be comfortable knowing their personal program is truly designed for them.


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