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Chris performs an evaluation before designing an exercise program

Posture, Movement Analysis, and Corrective Exercise

Posture is often thought of as how we hold ourselves at rest. This is only part of the picture. How we hold ourselves through basic movement patterns in addition to static posture can give an even bigger picture as to how the body functions.

Both static posture and movement screening are used to assess the appropriate starting points for an exercise program. For instance, if you are unable to stabilize the pelvis it does not make sense to begin doing heavy squats or deadlifts until you can first stabilize the pelvis. A house is only as strong as the foundation it is built upon.

The same is true for the human body. Spend some time doing the appropriate "foundation training" and it will help you avoid potential injuries down the road. This is one of the many benefits of beginning your exercise program at Active Body Studio. You will know exactly where to begin your exercise program and learn how to safely progress in order to minimize potential injuries.

Chris performs an evaluation before designing the personal fitness program Chris carefully evaluates an athlete before designing an exercise program Chris performs an evaluation before designing an exercise program

My goal as a trainer is to teach you about your body. This is the definition of true individualized programming. I will look at how you move, how your static posture is and what your goals are. This is what should determine your exercise program, not a book or video produced for the masses. Just like we all have different features externally, we are also different internally and in how we respond to exercise. The more you can learn and understand about your individual body, the more precise the exercise program will become.

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