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My interest in fitness began when I was a teenager. Like most kids, I dreamt of being a professional athlete. I was a pretty good athlete going into high school, playing basketball and baseball, but when I got to high school, I wanted to play football as well.

There was only one slight problem. I only weighed 110 lbs.! When I told my family and friends of my plans, I was frequently laughed at and told I was crazy. A fire was lit inside me. I was out to prove these people wrong. I quickly realized that if I was ever going to see the field I needed to get bigger and stronger. From this desire developed a passion for weight training. I would typically spend 2 or more hours in the gym 5-6 days a week. I "bulked" up to 140 pounds by my junior year.

When it came time to look at colleges, I knew I wanted to make fitness a career and continue to play football. I went to Ithaca College in NY, majored in Exercise Science and my football career lived on. It was a short  stint on the field however as I was not invited back to camp after my first session. I took the news relatively well and viewed this as an opportunity to get some experience in the fitness field. 

I got a job at a local health club in Ithaca. I was on my way to making it big in the fitness world! My dreams again were quickly squashed as I realized that I was doing what I wanted to do for the rest of my life, but I was only making minimum wage which at time was $3.55/hour! How could I ever make a living and support a family on that?!

Another opportunity arose. I transferred to Cortland State and was able to resume my football career. I had an extra year of eligibility, and I decided to pick up a dual major in Physical Education and Biology. My fascination with the human body and how to improve it remained very strong and I by this time I was considering going on to Medical school or maybe a master's degree Physical Therapy. I decided to take the year off and apply for research positions.

When no research positions materialized, I started thinking again about the fitness field. I landed my dream job working at Harvard Business School as a Fitness Specialist. This put me back on the path that I am still following today. I have been fortunate to be able to make a living in a field that I am still passionate about today.

My passion has led me to meet many of the top therapists and trainers in the country today. It is a combination of their practical knowledge, my continuing education and experience that I base my approach to fitness on. This passion has continued to grow through the years as I continually strive to learn more. This knowledge is always advancing which opens up a vast number of new opportunities to expand my skills and understanding of  improving the human body.

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