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I became interested in fitness and health while I was in high school. I played football (or tried to play football is a more accurate assessment), but as the smallest player on the field I knew I was not going to be successful.

I began lifting weights my sophomore year and I was fortunate to have access to quality equipment and good coaching from the start. I quickly developed and realized this was the way for me to improve my chances of playing

I was hooked on fitness by the time I left for college and decided to major in Exercise Science at Ithaca. I ended up transferring to Cortland State (NY) in Physical Education and Biology. I was now truly fascinated with the human body and how it could be improved.

My passion has continued to grow through the years and I, again, feel lucky to have learned from many of the top professionals in the field. For example, I've learned from Charles Poliquin/Mike Boyle - strength and conditioning, Paul Chek - corrective exercise, Gray Cook - movement analysis. I continually strive to learn more as the knowledge is always advancing.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you and helping you achieve whatever your fitness goals may be.

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